Are you interested in learning more about the following new veterinary services offered at Hickory?

  • Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Food Therapy – how to prepare healthy and nutritious home cooked diets for you pets
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)
  • Exotic Pet Husbandry


Join Dr. Redding one evening a month, for hour-long educational seminars covering these topics and more. These seminars will give both an overview and include live demos or hands on exercises to introduce Hickory’s newer services and give you the opportunity to ask Dr. Redding questions about how these therapies will benefit your pet(s).

Our first evening educational seminar, which was held Wednesday, August 27th, explored the benefits of veterinary acupuncture with a live demo and question and answer session.  Our upcoming seminar will explore Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), and will be held Wednesday, October 15th from 6:30 – 7:30pm in Hickory’s lobby.

If you are looking for an alternative approach to treating your pet’s chronic condition because of your concern about both the side effects and long-term effects of traditional prescription drugs, please join Dr. Redding for this educational introduction to herbal therapies.  This seminar will introduce the practice of TCVM and the variety of herbal therapies available for treating a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.  The seminar will also offer a hands on display of different herbal formulas, and an open question and answer discussion where you can ask Dr. Redding questions about how herbal therapies may benefit your own pet.

Please RSVP by e-mailing or sign-up at our front desk.

Delicious lite refreshments baked by Mrs. Goldstein and coffee and water will be offered during the seminar.

We look forward to seeing you there! This event is open to the public, so please feel welcome to bring friends.