Pet health insurance has been around for over 20 yearsBack then, few people had it and the whole concept seemed bothersome to deal with as well as kind of silly.  A lot has changed since then from options in heartworm prevention and vaccines to dietary foods and flea prevention.  Advances in the medical world for animals have made great progress. The cost for this technology is of great significance as well.   Pets have become more revered as members of the family.  Owners now have more options available to provide better care for those beloved members.  Insurance allows owners to make medical choices that are not finance based. 

 Hickory is doing our part by integrating Trupanion Express into our hospitalNo more paying and waiting for a check.  We can now tell you what your balance is after insurance and the insurance company pays us the rest.  Easy-peasy.

 We truly believe it is our dutyour responsibilityin this chosen field to do everything and anything possible to help every animal that crosses our path.

Ask us about Trupanion.  We’re here to help.