What time of year is that you ask? Vacation time of course!

Many people take the end of the year to travel either for pleasure or to see family. One of the biggest barriers for pet owners is the concern of what to do with their beloved pets while they are away. Here at Hickory, we understand our clients’ concerns and work very hard to ease the fear of leaving their pets behind.

Hickory is proud to offer boarding services for clients and non-clients alike. Our facility has three separate boarding areas; a large dog area, a small dog area, and an area specifically for cats.

Hickory has a large back yard that we take our dogs into at least four times a day to play and stretch their legs. The yard is secured by a locked gate and six feet of privacy fencing. The pets are monitored in the yard at all times by Hickory’s well trained staff.

Cats are housed separate from dogs to provide them with the maximum amount of comfort. Located just beyond the reception area, the cat area is behind the lobby’s beautiful aquarium providing entertainment and stimulation for our feline friends.

Please call us today to book your pet’s stay!