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The team at Hickory Veterinary Hospital has been our choice since first moving into Chesapeake over seven years ago. They are kind and compassionate to fur babies and pet parents alike. The first time we needed to board our adult kitties was upsetting to me, but the technician I spoke with took as much time as I needed to feel comfortable and reassured me that they would be well cared for.   When we found a stray three-week-old kitten that needed life saving surgery, our first thought was to bring him to Hickory Vet.  Dr. Redding took great care with him to make sure he would have the best possible chance while reassuring us that we were doing the best things we could for him. This kitten is six months old and is happy, healthy and full of love.  We love our fur babies because they are family, and the entire team at Hickory Vet not only recognizes that, but they appreciate and honor that feeling.  We are known by name and our fur babies are too.  They go the extra mile; they do more than follow-up, they follow-through.  Our family and the team at Hickory Vet have a relationship that means a lot to us because we all want the same thing – our fur babies to be healthy, happy, safe and loved. – The Milius Family