597 days. Imagine for one second your beloved dogs, not one but two, were stolen away. You were the perfect owner, your pets were in perfect health, showered with love and attention. You did all the right things and then one day a stranger comes and snatches away the dogs you have poured all this love and attention into.
This is the horror that one dog mom experienced when her two Great Danes were stolen from her. Here is her recovery story:
“Tuesday March 8, 2016 I received a phone call….one that I had long prayed for, but never thought would come.
“Hi Kathleen? Did you lose a Great Dane?” I heard the voice, but I didn’t understand the question… I said “Excuse me??” Again she asked, did you lose a Great Dane? Cohiba? and that’s when it hit me……THEY FOUND THEM!!!!!!
I nearly died…I became so hysterical and shaking, that my son Edward had to come help me with the phone… We put it on speaker and found out we were speaking to Ashley… an Animal Control Officer from Palm Beach County.
She told me Cohiba and Cognac had roamed into a Nursery property in Loxahatchee FL. She said the nursery owner called and she went and got them, scanned their chips and got my name and number.
She gave me the address to the center where they were being held, I explained I was several hours away but would be there as soon as I could. I hung up and realized I had no vehicle! My son and husband had both of our vehicles!
I called Lynn Adams [a friend], who dropped her entire day and was at my house in no time!
She drove me there, and kept me calm and focused as I think I was a borderline mental patient. My mind was just overwhelmed. Was it really them? How could that even be possible after all this time? Maybe they were mistaken, but how did they have the chip numbers? Were they okay? Had they been hurt? Abused? Neglected?
My mind raced and my emotions could hardly keep up. The entire ride I felt like I was on the verge of erupting into hysterical tears, a panic attack, or both.
We arrived at the facility, a huge building, with a steady stream of people in and out. I believe there were 5 or 6 employees and several volunteers manning the desk, answering phones, waiting on people as they were coming in. We were instructed to sign in and wait.
After the 2+ hour drive to get to the shelter, the wait for my name to be called- knowing that I was here in the same building with my 2 babies- seemed eternal.
After being called, Lynn helped me explain to the worker that we were picking up two Great Danes that were found roaming. They began asking their routine questions; “Are they up to date on their vaccines?” To which we replied, “We don’t know”. “Are they spayed and neutered?” Again, “We don’t know”. “Did someone go over the fees to get them released?” “No but I’ll give you anything you want if you’d just please bring them to me!”
Lynn helped explain to them that they were stolen as puppies. I brought them the police report, copies of our flyers etc. I have to say, I was shocked they hadn’t heard about the four missing Great Dane puppies! It was on the news, went “viral” on the Internet, and that’s when it dawned on me. We were nearly two hours and more than 100 miles away from where the puppies were taken and it had been more than a year. 1 year, 7 months and 18 days….597 days since they were stolen…
I think I was a shaking, crying mess. Thank God Lynn was with me.
They finished the paperwork, explained their policy is they must administer rabies shots before releasing them, and then she called for them to be brought up.
I saw Cognac first. If they’d brought out 100 Great Danes I would have been able to pick her out in a second! In my crying hysterical mess, I melted on the floor hugging and kissing her and just apologizing. “I’m so sorry, so sorry for what you’ve been through.” Cohiba came over to me, and I melted into him hugging and kissing him and again professing my sincere apologies.
I think the staff at some point realized Lynn and I weren’t some random people who maybe left their gate open, or let the dogs slip out a door. They realized that they were witnessing a miracle reunion that was only possible because of MICROCHIPPING!!!”
Kathleen was one of the lucky ones, 597 days after her nightmare began it was ended thanks to her dogs’ microchips. However, this story is not over. There are still two dogs missing, Uno and Smooth, and their mother will never give up looking for them. If you have any information at all, please contact the numbers listed.