After the formal introductions with me, the human, Dr. Klemm began introducing himself to the pups by proceeding to get to their level, the floor, where he stayed for the remainder of their exam. He examined them on the floor. The puppies were so at ease for their first vet visit they should never fear the vet EVER. After their examination they all dog piled on the blankie and took a nap. He was absolutely awesome. He took his time and was quite thorough. He noted any birth defects and explained what could be done or what may change on its own. It is apparent that he truly loves the animal clients that he serves. I hold this man in high regard and only wish I had found him for my other pets when they were alive. I can’t sing his praises enough – I have never met such a wonderful vet. I am thrilled to have him, the best, as my Danes’ doctor. – Brenda and Luke