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When someone chooses to get a pet, it is very much like a child being welcomed into a family.   One of the big decisions a new parent must make is choosing the best pediatrician they can fine to care for their child.   They must have trust in that doctor because their child’s life may depend on it.   The same is true in choosing the right veterinarian for your pet.   You must be able to trust that they have your pet’s best interest at heart.    I’m extremely happy that I found such a veterinarian to care for my dogs.   HICKORY VETERINARY HOSPITAL is my choice.   With our dogs, we have had some up and downs with health issues.   Dr. Redding and Dr. Klemm didn’t give up easy when the problem wasn’t apparent but they did research and made phone calls to specialists trying to find the perfect treatment for them.   No, they didn’t take the easy way out nor did they do tests and procedures that they felt would be wasting our time and money.   The compassion shown with follow-up phone calls makes any parent (child or pet) feel more comfortable and it gives them a chance to ask questions they may have.

The staff at the office is friendly and compassionate.   After a few visits, you will find them like family.   Each of them are very knowledgeable in their jobs and are well trained.

I have recommended this practice to a number of my friends and they each “feel the love” from the doctors and staff.   I recommend HICKORY VETERINARY HOSPITAL without any reservations.    Why not give them a chance to care for your furry friends?   You won’t be sorry.

Penny Lassiter